Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wayback Wednesday: Justin Beiber... anti-Christ

Justin Bieber is the anti-Christ?
(First published in May 2013...)

Thank to the recent federal election here in Canada, Bieber's status as our most visible Canadian on the international stage with the first name of Justin has been overtake by that OTHER Justin -- Justin Trudeau who won the election and ended a decade of Conservative rule.

The combination of election and the first name of Justin, prompted me to re-publish this photo for today's Wayback Wednesday. At the time this photo was taken, I was coaching a local candidate in public communications during our provincial election. On the day of the election, I was part of a two-man team tasked to oversee the counting of ballots at the polls. As we raced to and fro across town, we encountered this sign in a yard.

It inspired me to compose several haiku which I offer up (again) for your appreciation and/ or ridicule.

your anger is clear 
the message is boldly drawn 
i still don't get it 

your sign is horrid 
highlighted font hurts the eyes 
nice pink flowers though 

ssh the beiber sings... 
wait, what the hell is that noise?! 
it is auto-tune... 

beiber is satan? 
what did he do to wrong you? 
besides sing badly...

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