Friday, October 2, 2015

The Alvord Desert

First glimpse of the Alvord Desert...
"A big-ass flat thing..."
After Crater Lake, our Oregon trip took us to the south-east quadrant of the state in search of the Alvord desert.

It would surprise a lot of people to know how truly deserted this part of the state really is. It's an extension of the Nevada desert to the south. The landscape is flat, featureless... the low lying scrub vegetation is de-saturated of colour... the only things that move are the hawks that glide overhead in search of hapless hare caught out in the open. (Although we did once see a wolf crossing the highway...)

It's very off-the-grid... no cell reception here. Towns are few and far between and consist of single-pump gas stations or a weary-looking restaurant with a smattering of weather-beaten homes or trailers in the background.

Our first glimpse of the Alvord desert was dramatic. As one local described it, it was a 'big ass flat thing', a featureless white expanse stretching off to the horizon.

It was possible to drive out on to the desert floor itself by turning right off the main road onto a rough dirt road called Frog Springs. I think the road name was meant to be ironic.

Directions to the desert...
This way to the desert...

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