Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tillamook Rock

Tillamook Rock off the Oregon coast...
Tillamook Rock... a story of the macabre...
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse is visible from the main beach at Cannon Beach. It's located on a rock outcropping about 1.2 miles offshore.

It's de-commissioned now, but it has a macabre history. One of the initial surveyors of the rock in the late 1880s was swept away by a wave. His body was never recovered.

The construction of the lighthouse was plagued with bad luck. Shortly before it was completed a ship sank off the rock after coming too close in thick fog. Sixteen men were killed.

After completion it was significantly damaged by rough weather over the years. The ghosts of two former lighthouse keepers are said to haunt the lighthouse.

Creepy, eh? Well, it gets better.

After it was de-commissioned, it was bought by a private company that turned it into a columbarium, a place where the ashes of the dead are interred in urns. The ashes of about thirty people are still interred there.

Why is some Hollywood studio not all over this already?

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