Friday, September 18, 2015

Cape Kiwanda

The massive sand dune at Cape Kiwanda, Oregon...
The sand dune at Cape Kiwanda...
Further down Oregon's coast from Cannon Beach is the equally beautiful Cape Kiwanda. It's another mecca for surfers. And not just for surfers on the water either.

At one end of the beach is a massive sand dune. How high is it? Check out the photo above… see that barely visible spot of colour about half way up the dune? That's a person.

For $20 you can rent a sand surfer and surf the dune. Sadly, no lifts will take you to the top. You have to hike up on your own and the shifting sand turns it into a serious workout for your calves.

My wife and I struggled -- without much success -- to master carving with our boards. Otherwise, there are just two speeds… stopped and balls-to-the-wall straight down the slope.

Two critical things to know about sand surfing:

i. Wiping out on sand hurts; and

ii. Wiping out on sand will leave you scraping sand out of your eyes, ears and nose for days.

View from the top of the dune at Cape Kiwanda...
The view from the top of the dune...

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