Monday, August 10, 2015


West Coast silhouettes...
Gulf Island silhouettes
Saturna is the most 'remote' of the southern Gulf Islands serviced by BC Ferries. Physically it's only 23 kilometres from the Vancouver Island ferry terminal. However, it can take a couple of hours to get there by ferry, if you take one of the milk runs that stop at islands along the way.

I was there to explore the far end of the island. I had never visited in past expeditions because to get there by bike would have been brutal. Saturna is perhaps the most hilly of all the southern Gulf Islands.

Equipped with a gas scooter though it only took twenty minutes or so to reach the end of the road. Another ten minutes of hiking and I was at the end of the island... Echo Bay.

The isolated Echo Bay on Saturna Island...
Echo Bay on Saturna Island...

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