Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wayback Wednesday: Ucluelet's trail

The lighthouse along the Wild Pacific Trail...
The lighthouse at one end of the Wild Pacific Trail...
On a recent trip to the surf community of Tofino, my wife and I once again hiked Ucluelet's Wild Pacific Trail. On our previous hike, we were lucky enough to watch a grey whale swimming not far from shore.

This time our wildlife experience was limited to a black bear seen crossing the road on the drive to Ucluelet and a stellar sea lion playing in the froth near the shore.

The trail offers some spectacularly rugged vistas, and one of our travel goals is to come here during the stormy winter season to see some big-ass ocean waves crashing over the rocks.

The trail is separated into two parts. The shorter southern hike takes you past the Amphitrite Lighthouse. Behind the lighthouse, floating in the water is Ucluelet's 'Red Can'. It's a buoy outfitted with reeds that make a low, almost mournful, call when the wave action causes the buoy to bob and sea water to move in and out of the can.

Ucluelet's Red Can buoy...
The Red Can off Ucluelet..

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