Monday, July 27, 2015

Victoria Buskers Festival 2015 Edition

Victoria's fourth annual Buskers Festival has been playing at the inner harbour for the past week. Yesterday's cool temperatures and breezes didn't stop the crowds from showing up to enthusiastically support the acts.

Les Vitamines get the crowd laughing...
The physical comedy of Les Vitamines...
Les Vitamines -- a circus comedy/acrobat duo from Quebec -- are favourites who have played the festival a few times. A big part of their comedy comes from the antics and the facial contortions of the smaller half of the duo.

A very flexible woman!
Lisa Lottie would make Gumby jealous!
Lisa Lottie is a cute Australian woman whose extreme flexibility had the crowd audibly squirming at times. She's pretty talented with hula hoops too.

The last act we saw was Swedish magician Charlie Caper. Magic is a bit of a tougher go for this sort of event, particularly the close-up magic that Caper performs. It's hard to appreciate the tricks from a distance, but he was surprisingly impressive. His sleight-of-hand was flawless and all sorts of objects were appearing and disappearing before our eyes.

It might seem that busking is a great gig. Travel the world, entertaining crowds, getting paid vast sums of money for it. I suspect the reality is much different... their careers are probably relatively short, particularly for those acts requiring physical strength and endurance. A lot of their money probably goes to paying their own travel and lodging. Even the travel is probably a hassle, dealing with passports and trying to recover from long flights before the event.

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