Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wayback Wednesday: Another visit with Tempest Grace Gale

Sunlight touches the face of an angel...
Tempest Grace Gale... ever present...
The final entry in my previous blog, Alternate Tales from The West Coast Cafe, was the story of my encounter with Michael Gale, the father of Tempest Grace Gale.

I'm not a believer in God or the supernatural but, if anything were to convince me that there is more to this universe than meets the eye, it would have been my encounter with Michael Gale.

It had always been my intention to return to visit Tempest's final resting place once again. Last week I made a special cycling trip to Hornby Island to visit her. In the mid-morning light, the tall trees around the cemetery cast shadows over the grounds. However, as I approached Tempest's burial site in the mid-morning light, a single shaft of sunlight pierced the canopy to illuminate the face of the angelic headstone that marks her grave.

I just had to smile. Yes, I think that Tempest was making her presence known once again.

R.I.P Tempest Grace Gale
RIP, Tempest Grace Gale...

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