Sunday, June 21, 2015

Tribune Bay

The fantastic beach at Tribune Bay on Hornby Island...
Hornby Island's amazing beach..
Tribune Bay on Hornby Island is one of the best beaches on the coast. The fine sand goes on forever and the water is hardly more than waist deep at most. As you emerge from the bushes onto the beach, you almost expect to see a pirate ship at anchor in the turquoise waters of the protected harbour.

Unfortunately, the photo above doesn't do justice to the tropical colour of the water.

And because this beach is located on Hornby, I have never ever seen it remotely crowded with people.

Overlooking the bay and water is "The Llama", an appropriately shaped piece of nine-foot-high driftwood that stands upright. I have no idea if it is actually called "The Llama"... I overheard one woman refer to it as such so I assume that's what the locals have taken to calling it.

The "Llama of Tribune Bay"...
The Llama overlooks the beach...

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