Friday, June 5, 2015

Portage Inlet

The Gorge leading to Portage Inlet...
The Gorge is a sliver of ocean that extends deep into Victoria and Saanich almost like a river. At the top of this 'river' is Portage Inlet, a broad but shallow basin of water. You would almost think that it was a lake, except for the fact that it's salt water that rises and ebbs with the tide.

A favourite activity of mine is to take a leisurely paddle in our kayak or on our paddleboard up the Gorge and into Portage Inlet. Typically, I'll start just north of the Tillicum bridge -- the yellow star in the image above.

Along the way, I like to admire the big waterfront homes with their jetties and boats along the water's edge. Not that I would ever want one... you never see the owners out actually enjoying their waterfront views. They are usually too busy maintaining the house or the property to have the time to enjoy it.

The house at the end of the spit...
Overlooking Portage Inlet...
This particular home is maybe my favourite. Google Maps tells me that it's at the foot of Ashley Road. The owners could take a boat to and from all the way to downtown Victoria and never have to deal with a single traffic light. How sweet is that?

Can you see the grey heron perched on their 'front yard'?

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