Monday, June 29, 2015


Gabriola Island seems to want to keep its petroglyphs a secret even though they are clearly marked on the tourist brochure available to visitors at the ferry terminal.

In order to keep to my timetable and make the return ferry I had to cycle pretty hard to get to the location marked on the map. When I got there -- nada... nothing to be seen but fields.

I stopped a local who seemed to think they were in a field behind a nearby church. It turns out she was right. A simple sign in the church parking lot directs you to a short path into the woods where you'll come across the designs carved into the rock that peaks out through the moss and dirt of the ground.

According to the sign: "Many of the images resemble wildlife commonly found in the area..."

It appears that the local wildlife included Sonic the Hedgehog and Raving Rabbids.

Sonic the Hedgehog appears in a Gabriolo petroglyph...

Raving Rabbids in rock relief...

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