Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guest photography: Angel of the Lake

I have two cousins who are avid photographers. They are brothers, Paul and Mark, who still live in my old hometown of Sudbury, Ontario.

Paul favours nature photography, particularly sky photos. His photos frequently appear on the banner of the CBC Sudbury Facebook page.

Lately, it is my cousin Mark who has been getting attention with his photograph of the 'Angel of Lake LaCloche'. A unique combination of rocks and still water reflection produced an angelic shaped figure if you turn it sideways. The original photo can be seen here.

You can read Mark's full story here in this article re-printed from the website.

"Angel of the Lake" by Mark Laplante
"Angel of the Lake"
I had a good chuckle at the wacky woman who describes herself as a 'crystal shamanic practitioner' and who went on to conduct a long-distance exorcism of sorts.

Pareidolia is the name of the phenomena that causes us to see patterns -- most often faces -- in random data. A famous example of this is the Face on Mars. Periodically, it pops up in the news when someone claims to have seen the face of Jesus in their scrambled eggs, or the Virgin Mary on the side of a faded painted wall.

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