Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Invaders

Do not mess with this plant!
Do not mess with this plant!
Walking to our nearby nature santuary recently, I noticed a sign staked into the ground next to the road.

Read it for yourself above…

"This plant is toxic to most mammals."


As a mammal myself, I took an immediate interest in this threatening plant. So what does this insidious flora look like? Some innocuous yellow flowers that could almost be mistaken for buttercups.

Looks can be deceiving...
Cheerful looking but deadly!
With our warm climate, and rain forests Vancouver Island is becoming BC's ground zero for invasive species.... a trend that is predicted to get worse with global warming.

American bullfrogs, hobo spiders, hogweed… all sorts of alien critters and plants are appearing on our shores. Thankfully no pythons or anacondas yet.

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