Friday, April 10, 2015

Philosophical Friday: Beacons

Years ago, I was training for a 10K race to try to set a personal best time. For the end-of-April race I had to start training in January. The most convenient time for me to run was first thing in the morning.

I hated it.

It was cold, dark and frequently raining.

One day in the mail I received a mail out from the Foot and Mouth Artists of Canada. On a whim, I did some research on them and discovered the story of artist Daniel Laflamme. Born with cerebral palsy, he learned to eat, draw and paint using his feet.

The next day or so, when it was time for another wet, miserable morning run, I was re-considering my decision to run the race. But I flashed back to the story of Daniel and reminded myself that there were people in the world who would gladly run in the cold and the rain, if it meant that they could have four good limbs to do it.

I ran.

Daniel doesn't know me. We have never met. But he inspired me to train hard and set a personal best time the following April.

So when you feel like giving up on an endeavour or a Really Big Goal, remind yourself that somewhere someone -- a person that you might not even know -- is taking their inspiration from YOU.
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