Saturday, April 4, 2015

Level Ground Trading

Coffee beans... before and after...

Level Ground Trading is located in Central Saanich north of Victoria. Its primary product is ethically produced coffee -- coffee which is grown in disadvantaged countries to provide local farmers with a sustainable income. They also produce rice and I can testify to the mouth-watering goodness of their dried fruit.

Coffee... boxed and ready to ship...

Our photo group converged on their small facility earlier this week where spokesperson Stacy shared their story and mission vision. I was very impressed with the extent to which they go to be economically and environmentally responsible and sustainable.

Coffee from around the globe...

Did I mention how awesome their dried fruit is?

Interesting fact... a coffee 'bean' isn't a bean at all. It's the seed of a fruit berry. Which means that technically speaking, coffee is a juice.

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