Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wayback Wednesday: Tropical Galiano

Beach at Montague Harbour on Galiano Island, BC...
No snow anywhere
Ski resort is closed now
I blame Hawaii
Today's wayback photo is meant to be a dose of irony. The white shale beach and aqua marine water so reminiscent of tropical islands are actually part of nearby Galiano Island. This photo was taken during a day trip last summer.

While the rest of Canada and the United States struggles under mounds of snow and sub-zero temperatures, we here on the West Coast are struggling with a different issue.

Warm temperatures and periodic rain have played havoc with coastal ski resorts up and down the coast. On Vancouver Island our local resort has shut down due to a lack of snow. To the south of us in the United States one resort has already declared bankruptcy.

The cause of all this is the Pineapple Express -- a weather system that starts near Hawaii bringing warm, wet air up the North American coast. The result is a mixed blessing. Buds and blooms have already started to appear here in Victoria, BC. So we're likely going to experience an early spring and a gorgeous summer of the sort you see in this photo.

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