Friday, January 16, 2015

Kids Wanna Rock

Bryan Adams serenades his Victoria fans...
Everywhere he goes, kids wanna rock...
Bryan Adams is probably Canada's most well-known rock star with a career that stretches back over thirty years. I wasn't a huge fan of his guitar-driven rock which I always found rather bland.

At his recent appearance in Victoria though he turned in one of the best concerts I've ever seen. Despite all the 'BAY-BEE!'s and the obligatory 'YE-AH!'s that seem to make up a good part of his lyrics, in concert, his classic songs sound more raw than the studio versions and that was a good thing.

However, I was more impressed with his more mellow, acoustic songs... he managed to make an arena with 10,000 people sound intimate.

I note that he DID NOT sing his classy song "I Wanna Be Your Underwear"... possibly because he'd be screaming it straight at his 80-something-year-old mom sitting in the front row. EWWWW!

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