Friday, November 7, 2014

Love, Exciting and New...

The title of this post? That was the promise made every week in the 70s as Jack Jones crooned the theme from The Love Boat.

The reality of cruise ships is a lot less romantic.

These photos were taken several months ago. An acquaintance in the travel industry arranged for a group of us to tour this particular ship as part of a promotion.

My wife periodically tries to talk me into taking a cruise. Unfortunately, although this particular ship was beautiful to walk about, the tour simply confirmed all the reasons why I am NOT interested in a cruise.

A cruise ship is like staying at a fancy resort… one where you can only leave the resort for a few hours every few days. Once you subtract the gambling and the night shows there really isn’t a lot else to do except eat and lounge around the decks staring at an expanse of water that never or rarely changes.

During the familiarization briefing, I glanced around a sea of silver hair, glasses and hearing aids. At 56 I was probably the youngest person by a decade.

The tour allowed us to stroll around the ship at our leisure after an admittedly awesome lunch. That's where I came across this bundle of energy snoozing in the library, open book in his lap, head lolling gently on his chest...

To really get the testosterone flowing, this ship also offered a small mini-golf course at the fore end.

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