Saturday, November 1, 2014


One of the murals at Chemainus, BC...

Recently I was in Chemainus to enjoy dinner and some theatre at the Chemainus Theatre. The play Over the River and Through the Woods was billed as a comedy. From the photos and ad copy I was expecting some sort of broad farce and wasn’t particularly enthused about it… but, hey, the tickets were free and the food is excellent.

The play was funny, but it balanced that with some drama and poignant monologues about growing up and growing old. The cast knocked it out of the park and earned a well-deserved standing oh.

Before the dinner and the play my wife and I walked about, admiring the newly repainted murals that put Chemainus on the map thirty years ago. No new ones that I could tell, but where previously they looked tired and faded, they now had a fresh zing to them.

One of the murals at Chemainus, BC...

One of the panoramic murals at Chemainus, BC...

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