Tuesday, October 28, 2014


An apparition stares out of a lonely cabin...
What is that staring out of the window?
One of the staples of horror movies is the creepy cabin in the woods. There really is a horror movie called The Cabin in the Woods. There is also Cabin Fever. Going back a few decades there is The Evil Dead.

This particular deserted cabin is on the south shore of Woss Lake. Decades ago the forestry company that owns the land allowed parcels to be leased so that about fifteen small cabins could be built by leaseholders.

For the most part they sit empty, prey to the occasional squatter or critter. Some are in total disrepair and are slowly succumbing to the gloomy forest closing in on them.

Mechanized fossil...
Death of a car...
Around the back of this cabin, I discovered the remains of this car. I nearly missed it altogether beneath its blanket of leaves and branches.

It's a sobering reminder of how quickly evidence of our civilization will vanish when our species becomes extinct. I once saw a show on Discovery Channel that estimated it will take less than one thousand years for most of our buildings, monuments, and infrastructure to disappear completely.

All that will be left are the ghosts...

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Every day she waves at me
That woman only I can see
I wish she would stay over there
I don't like her hungry stare

This alley in Bastion Square is next to Victoria's now defunct Maritime Museum. The building once served as Victoria's old courthouse/jail and is rumoured to be haunted by a number of ghosts.

The area in and around Bastion Square generally is considered a centre of supernatural activity.

The Maritime Museum is not gone forever. Over the winter and spring it will be re-locating to a new location on the Victoria waterfront... a much more natural fit for it, and close to the Royal BC Museum.

As for what will become of the old building and its paranormal population? No one knows yet.

The roofline of the Maritime Museum...
The roofline of the Maritime Museum...

Friday, October 3, 2014

The ancients...

Lonely monster buried on a Tofino beach...
Lonely monster buried on a Tofino beach...

I once read a sad story by sci-fi fantasy author Ray Bradbury called “The Foghorn”.

A lighthouse keeper is terrified one night when an ancient seafaring dinosaur responds to his foghorn and attacks it. It turns out that the creature was the last of its kind and had been for millions of years . It was attracted to the sound of what it thought was another fellow creature only to be confused when it discovered the call was coming from the lighthouse. After destroying the lighthouse in despair it retreats once more to its lonely existence out of sight and reach of mankind.

Dinosaurs were thought to be wiped out by an asteroid strike 65 million years ago. They didn’t go extinct immediately of course. It was a process that probably took millennia as the skies grew dark and the earth cooled. But eventually, much like the monster of Bradbury’s story, there must have come a day when the last dinosaur found itself completely and utterly alone. And on that day when it laid its head down for the last time, death must have been a merciful end to the profound lonliness that it felt.