Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lake country

Living on an island off the left coast of Canada, the tendency is to focus on our fabulous ocean views and beaches while forgetting that we have a lot of beautiful lakes around us too.

I've been travelling Vancouver Island for the past two weeks. The first week centred around lakes while the second week centred around the ocean.

Our first stop was Comox Lake which provides the drinking water for the central island communities of Courtenay, Comox, and Cumberland.

Comox Lake is a popular water sport destination. On a hot summer day, the lake is populated with paddleboards, kayaks, tubers and water skiers.

Our second stop was Woss Lake near the flyspeck northern community of Woss.

Woss Lake is relatively undiscovered. Paddle out on the lake and you'll often be the only person out there. The surrounding land is owned (leased?) by forestry companies so there is no development along the lake.

Both lakes are filled with the cleanest, clearest water you are ever likely to see. And both are surrounded by mountains... some of the mountains around Woss are snow-capped year round.

The gravel and sand shorelines of both lakes are a testament to their glacial origins.

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