Monday, July 14, 2014

Rock the Shores

For the past three days, the local community of Colwood was host to Rock the Shores, an annual outdoor rock festival that got its start three years ago.

We had free tickets to the third day of the event. BC was in the third or fourth day of a province-wide heatwave, so the organizers kept things cool with water stations, outdoor misting stations and water sprays for the mosh pit in front of the stage.

The local organizers, Atomique Productions, deserved a huge shoutout for the event. Everything from parking and bike lockups, entry gates, on site vendors, security and rules to prevent drugs and booze -- and the usual loud, aggressive jerks that go with it -- getting in, cooling stations... all of it was impressively organized and managed.

The music was a mix of classic bands and new music, most of it solid rock. Only one concession to a rap number that had the crowd loving it.

South African band The Kongos

Faux celebrity sighting in the audience: Jason Statham

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