Saturday, June 28, 2014


Looking vaguely extraterrestrial, Sudbury’s famous superstack rises from the western horizon.

From Wikipedia:
"The Inco Superstack in Sudbury, Ontario, with a height of 380 metres (1,250 ft), is the tallest chimney in Canada and the Western hemisphere, and the second tallest freestanding chimney in the world after the GRES-2 Power Station in Kazakhstan. It is also the second tallest freestanding structure of any type in Canada, behind the CN Tower but ahead of First Canadian Place."

The stack was built in the early-1970s to disperse the fumes from the smelting operations of the local mine over a wider area. Before that time, the fumes had killed off a lot of the local vegetation. Once it was built, people of Sudbury took a perverse pride in the fact that the fumes from the chimney could be detected as far away as New York State.

Despite Sudbury once having a landscape described as resembling the surface of the moon, the forests and vegetation have returned to the region thanks to the superstack.

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