Saturday, June 21, 2014

Return of the Lady in Red

I've previously talked about The Lady in Red in this blog as well as my previous blog Alternate Tales from the West Coast Cafe.

She sits on one of the float homes of Victoria's Fishermans Wharf watching over the crowds that stroll the jetties. You might miss her unless you are looking up when you passed by her home.

I think of her as a sort of guardian angel. Her outfits change regularly, but the first time I saw her a few years ago she was dressed in a red dress. Hence the name I gave her.

I was tempted once to knock on the door of her float home and ask the owners about her, but then I decided that I preferred her origins and purpose to remain a mystery.

Recently I was strolling the wharf when I saw that she was dressed again in her original red dress.

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