Saturday, May 31, 2014

Motel of the Mysteries Part 2

My previous post described my encounter with a derelict rural motel on the route from Sudbury to Toronto, Ontario.

This photo of the interior central corridor is curious. You'll see some sort of orb on the right hand side of the photo and further into the corridor there is some sort of haze slightly lower and to the right.

I thought this might be some sort of moisture on my lens but these 'flaws' don't appear on either of the photos before or after this one.

I sometimes will speak about the metaphorical ghosts that haunt places like this, but maybe some ghosts are real?

The other curious thing was the IV drip bag that I found in the parking lot... It intrigued me.

In my mind I conjured up the sort of plot that might appear in a novel by suspense/sci-fi writer Dean Koontz. It was a tale of someone hurt and on the run. An ex-spy, maybe a government created super-soldier or mutant trying to evade authorities by staying off the grid. Hunkered down in this off-the-beaten-path place, he was forced to effect a sudden escape from anonymous men in dark suits and black Raybans driving large black SUVs...

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