Saturday, May 31, 2014

Motel of the Mysteries Part 2

My previous post described my encounter with a derelict rural motel on the route from Sudbury to Toronto, Ontario.

This photo of the interior central corridor is curious. You'll see some sort of orb on the right hand side of the photo and further into the corridor there is some sort of haze slightly lower and to the right.

I thought this might be some sort of moisture on my lens but these 'flaws' don't appear on either of the photos before or after this one.

I sometimes will speak about the metaphorical ghosts that haunt places like this, but maybe some ghosts are real?

The other curious thing was the IV drip bag that I found in the parking lot... It intrigued me.

In my mind I conjured up the sort of plot that might appear in a novel by suspense/sci-fi writer Dean Koontz. It was a tale of someone hurt and on the run. An ex-spy, maybe a government created super-soldier or mutant trying to evade authorities by staying off the grid. Hunkered down in this off-the-beaten-path place, he was forced to effect a sudden escape from anonymous men in dark suits and black Raybans driving large black SUVs...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Motel of the Mysteries Part I

I have a fascination with abandoned houses, motels, gas stations... I wonder about the people that passed through them, their circumstances, what became of them, whether they think of their time in that past house or motel...

I came across this abandoned motel during a recent drive from Sudbury to Toronto in Ontario. It was one of those motels in the middle of nowhere that catered to those that had driven further than they had intended, but who desperately needed to get their heads down for a few hours. Or perhaps those who were keen to keep a low profile away from populated areas.

See Motel of the Mysteries Part II later this week...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

A glorious end to the day...

Sunset over Lake Huron...
A golden Lake Huron sunset...
Goderich is a small Ontario community of 8000 on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. At night, the setting sun often produces these award-winning sunsets full of drama and colour.

Some sunsets are more dramatic than others...
Some sunsets are full of drama...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The difference between a fall and a fail...

Doing anything to move toward a goal means that you have succeeded to some degree.

Put another way, the only way you can fail is if you do nothing.
Success is like scaling a mountain. The goal is to reach the summit.
Sometimes your path may lead to a dead end. Sometimes your path may require a detour or re-tracing your steps. Sometimes you have to stop for a breather. But as long as you're still climbing... you haven't failed.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Butchart Gardens is one of Victoria's most famous tourist attractions. From Wikipedia:
The gardens receive close to a million visitors each year. The gardens have been designated a National Historic Site of Canada due to their international renown.
The gardens recently made the Top 10 list of USA Today's Ten Best Public Gardens in North America.

Smelling the roses ain't cheap though. It's pretty pricey to get it which is why this year, my wife and I opted for the annual pass. That includes one admission to their popular fireworks show during the summer months.