Monday, April 21, 2014


If you were passing by Victoria's Centennial Square on Sunday afternoon, you may have noticed the crowds under a layer of pungent smoke wafting overhead. April 20 is known as 420 when marijuana advocates gather to openly consume their vice of choice in public as a way to promote it as a lifestyle choice.

I periodically read articles that still scream about the dangers of 'reefer madness' and they make me shake my head in disbelief. As someone who smoked pretty regularly in my late high school years and still periodically indulges socially I'm pretty familiar with the effects of dope consumption.

Can it lead to impaired judgement and health issues? Probably, but no more so than alcohol or cigarettes and probably a lot less. As with any vice -- be it booze, cigs, chocolate, gambling -- moderation and self-control are called for.

It amazes me that forty years after I left high school -- FORTY years! -- we are still no further along the path of legalizing dope.

The festivities on Sunday included costumes and bad poetry by assorted enlightened types who bashed on the police. It was stupid as most cops could care less about a bunch of stoned kids but, hey, they make for an easily visible target for disaffected youth...

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