Saturday, March 29, 2014

Where's Waldo?

You know that series of books where you have to find Waldo in a crowd of people?

Now imagine that you are a king penguin living on South Georgia island in the sub-Antarctic and you have to find your mate and your shared egg among 100,000 penguins who all look identical! And they are all just standing together in one big crowd doing nothing much.

Suddenly finding Waldo doesn't seem like that big an accomplishment, does it?

My wife and I watched an IMAX movie last weekend... Penguins. We learned that penguin mates learn to recognize each other through their respective calls. There is no shortage of penguins on this tiny island so obviously this system works and lets them get on with some penguin-on-penguin lovin'.

Swan Lake near our house features these similarly two-toned ring-necked ducks. I gotta wonder if they go through the same sort of identity crisis when they breed?

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