Saturday, February 8, 2014


The banners that line the main streets of Gracepoint describe the small town as "America's Last Hometown". The town news is served up from the modest offices of the Gracetown Journal.

So where is this bucolic, sleepy little community?

Well, you won't find it on any map. It doesn't exist... except as the creation of the Fox Network. But you'll find hints of it throughout the Greater Victoria area.

Gracepoint is a television series currently filming in the area. It's a remake of a popular British series called Broadchurch except that the series' story has been re-located to the fictitious California town of Gracepoint.

Various locales throughout the area have been re-branded as Gracepoint locations. The series' stars -- which include British actor David Tennant, Anna Gunn (who I totally crushed on as the beleaguered wife in the excellent series Breaking Bad) and Nick Nolte -- have been spotted here and there throughout Victoria and filming scenes on the waterfront.

It's not the first time Victoria has stood in for American locations. Our unique climate, seaside location and heritage architecture have made it possible for Victoria to stand it for the Florida Keys(!), 19th century Portland, London, New England... In fact, the Mutant Academy of the X-Men films is a retired military college just outside town that I attended as a student over 30 years ago.

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