Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Monument!

An effigy protests the northern California monument proposal...
The Constitution and a gun... touchstones for the home of the brave, land of the free
From Reno we turned west and north heading for the coast. At this point we were winging it, but we decided to return home via the coastal highway. That's how we came to discover the beautiful Klamath River in northern California. It was a slow drive though as the route is not a major highway.

Along the way we kept seeing signs on lawns or attached to trees along the route - 'No Monument'. Or we'd see effigies like the ones seen here.

We had no clue what it all meant and it was several days later before we found an American who explained it to us.

In the States, a monument is a tract of land set aside by special designation by the federal government for environmental protection. It's an extreme designation, however, that severely curtails ALL human activities within the protected area. No development of any sort, no mining, no fishing, no hunting, no camping, no hiking... no body allowed in except via special permission. It's environmentalism carried to an irrational extreme

In this case, the US government wants to set aside about 600,000 acres of northern California and southern Oregon and locals are vehemently opposed to it. It would severely curtail their recreational pastimes and the right to manage their own resources.

Effigies of protest carrying the flag and a gun...
The Stars and Stripes and a gun... yup, we're firmly in America
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center, a.k.a KS Wild, is the organization behind the research and preparations leading to the proposal.

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