Saturday, November 9, 2013

Future Past

Uptown Centre in Saanich, BC
Remember science fiction comics or movies as a kid? Or perhaps your sci-fi experience was limited to The Jetsons?

Remember how in all those books and movies, buildings in the future were always these weird shapes? Domes or tetrahedrons...Sort of like this.

This is one of the buildings at our nearby new-ish mall called Uptown. It's pointed at one end... from the air it would look like a triangle pasted to the end of a rectangle. It's glass construction and blue exterior make it look very futuristic and all, but all I can think is how awkward it would be to furnish.

Essentially, one end of the room would be inaccessible since it narrows to a point where you couldn't fit any furniture in it. Except maybe bean bags.

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