Saturday, September 14, 2013

Red Planet

 Martian landscape

I grew up in the northern Ontario community of Sudbury, Ontario. It is surrounded by bare hills of black pre-Cambrian rock giving it a desolate look in places. This was not helped by the fumes from the local mining operations which killed off a lot of plant life until we built a super-stack in the mid-70s and started spreading it around the country.

Sudbury achieved brief notoriety in the ealy 1970s when NASA sent some Apollo mission astronauts to train there. Apparently, Sudbury is the place on Earth that mose closely resembles the moon.

If a mission to Mars is ever close to a reality, I think southern Utah would be the ideal place for those astronauts to train. The barren, red rocks and scrubby dry plants produce this strangely beautiful alien landscape. As we hiked or drove through it, I probably took several hundred photos.

Red soil of southern Utah
This collection of rocks at Arches National Park is known as the Judges


  1. Is this in Sudbury?!?

    How do I get there?!

  2. Hi Ay-Shay...
    This isn't Sudbury, this is southern Utah in the United States.