Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Needles Overlook

Leona at the edge of Needles Overlook in Utah.

Sometimes when traveling it pays to put aside the itinerary and just wing it. I like to ask locals what sites are worth visiting. In this case, a fellow in Moab (a Moabin? a Moabite?) recommended that we check out Needles Overlook.

We didn't have any grand expectations. We thought it would be a cliff overlooking some geological oddities. As we left the main highway and followed the directions all we saw in every direction was flat dusty plains and low scrubby plants.

We thought it was going to be underwhelming when suddenly this big freakin' HOLE in the earth revealed itself. It was like another Grand Canyon with views a hundred miles wide and the floor of the canyon a thousand feet or more below us.

If you're ever in that part of the States, put it on your 'must see' list.

Needles Overlook in Utah
The view from Needles Overlook

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