Monday, September 9, 2013


Why did the buffalo cross the road?
He was following a chicken.

Okay, completely stupid joke...

My wife and I recently completed a three week trip to the Grand Canyon and back so this blog is going 'on the road' for awhile.

Our first major stop was Antelope Island State Park outside Salt Lake City in Utah. We first camped here ten years ago and always wanted to return to it. The island is surrounded by Great Salt Lake and connected to the mainland by a 14 kilometre causeway.

The island is an antelope and buffalo preserve and they have complete run of the island. In theory, you could find a buffalo strolling through your campsite, however, the closest they came to us was to a field at one end of the campground.

Through my binoculars one morning, I watched a group of people heading down to the beach.Through the tall grass they couldn't see the buffalo that was grazing along the beach blocking the path. When the group of four encountered the buffalo they paused, unsure what to do. One of them broke away from the group and approached the buffalo, presumably to 'shoo' it away.

The buffalo paused from grazing long enough to lift its big head and curiously eyeball the small monkey waving its hands about. I imagine Buffalo was thinking along the lines of: "Seriously? You wanna step up on ME?". I watched as the 'buffalo whisperer' wisely decided to retreat back to his troop and they all headed back up to the parking lot to search for an alternate route to the beach...

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  1. Excellent shot of the buffalo. I am so jealous of your trip; I really want to get down there. Always enjoy looking at your blog, thanks.