Thursday, September 5, 2013

Abbey and Kathy...

Driving down through my local suburban neighbourhood I was startled to see a pony munching the grass along the boulevard. I stopped to see if the animal was okay, thinking that it had perhaps escaped from a passing truck somehow.

That's how I met Abbey, the Party Pony, and Kathy, her owner. Kathy's bright smile here belies the fact that she's in a lot of pain. They were in the neighbourhood for a children's party, when Abbey somehow made a run for it. In chasing her down before Abbey got clipped by a passing car, Kathy jumped off a retaining wall, coming down hard on the heels of her feet. She was pretty sure that she had broken some bones in one or both feet.

Fortunately, a friend arrived almost immediately with a van to pick up Abbey and to take Kathy to the emergency ward. I hope that she won't be off her feet very long and that her and Abbey will soon be entertaining children again.

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