Monday, July 8, 2013


Yesterday Pride Week in Victoria came to an end with the Victoria Pride Parade.

I've been a regular parade watcher for years now and this year's parade was notable for the absence of Ernie Quick. He is (was?) a senior statesman for the gay movement in Victoria and was usually the first to lead the parade on his motorcycle. Not sure where he was this year...

Attila Basset and his sister Angela are parade regulars as well and can be counted on to bring a little bit of Mardi Gras flamboyance to the event. I've never met the man but I understand he's something of a high-profile and polarizing figure among the local gay community.

I'm  guessing from his strange appearance that he's been surgically enhanced in a multitude of ways so maybe that accounts for some of the  controversy.
Getting in touch with
his inner Broadway musical star...

Less gay and more eccentric...

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